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Get high performance with low maintenance requirements.

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Designed for the daily production of numerous labels.
Citizen's desktop printers offer reliable performance.
Easy media loading, simple setup, and cost-effective printing.

Desktop Label Printers

Citizen Desktop Printers Combine Performance with Reliability To Deliver Hundreds of Labels
Every day.

Industrial Desktop Label Printers

The Industrial Desktop Printers Provides Ultimate Reliability Because most models have an all-metal print head that offers Incredibly long-lasting service.

Industrial Label Printers

Industrial Printers from Citizen are Designed to Withstand Harsh Conditions and Work Well in Manufacturing, Shipping,
and Warehouses.

Ticketing & Wide Format Label Printers

Efficient ticketing requires easy-to-use Performance high quality label printing on a range of media at fast print speeds. Citizen provides all this in an energy efficient and eco-friendly machine.

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